About us

Over 20 years of experience
in lighting manufacturing.

The company Inea was founded in 2000 near Samobor. Over the past two decades, lighting production in our plant has been constantly developing and upgrading. The rounded process of processing the necessary materials and the production of lighting fixtures are located in the same location as the office premises. This enables us to react quickly and in time, even in the most demanding situations. Our facility has produced countless unique lighting solutions, both independently and in collaboration with external partners. If the project requires special circumstances, we are happy to work very closely with our clients. According to their wishes and needs, we offer the possibility that ideas, creations and visions can be turned into reality by joint efforts, a reality that will emphasize the architectural solutions in the space that will make it comfortable and visually pleasing, and thus raise the mood for work and stay in the working or any other environment. The lamps that we produce according to special requirements can be unique and unrepeatable.

Luminaire production facility
lighting production - Powder coating

Nudimo mogućnost da se ideje, kreacije i vizije zajedničkim snagama pretvore u stvarnost.

lighting production - sheet metal bending