About us

The company Inea was founded in 2000, and originally dealt mainly with fluorescent lighting. Gaining experience in manufacturing over the following years as well as the procurement of a modern manufacturing facility paved the way for the production of architectural lighting.

Architectural lighting is now the key determinant of our future development. Great efforts have been made in developing new, distinctive products that have classified Inea side by side with many other recognized European producers of similar lighting. Unlike many other manufacturers, Inea daily meets the new and often very specific requirements of its customers in terms of design and performance of the lamps, which leads to a constant expansion of the basic assortment.

Inea works closely with its customers and, according to their wishes and needs, offers an opportunity to turn all their ideas, creations and visions together into reality - a reality that will emphasize the architectural solutions in every space and make it comfortable, pleasing to the eye, and thus elevate the mood for work and spending time in the office or any other environment. Lamps manufactured according to specific customer requirements, eg. requests concerning a special shape, dimension, light intensity or a different color, often are unique and unrepeatable, and adorn the space in which they are implemented.

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