Hrvatska rasvjeta

Made in Croatia

Our products are entirely manufactured in our own facilities which is a rarity in Croatia and in the region nowadays, thus we can guarantee superior quality of our products. Particular emphasis is placed on the design and finishing of our products.



At our client's request we are able to make many modifications to existing products or to produce a completely new product in order to meet the specific needs of our partners. We are able to create challenging designs and prototypes of new products in a short period of time.



Our production facilities cover the complete production process, beginning with the processing of aluminium and other metal sheets, including several numerically controlled (CNC) machines and ending with the product finishing in our own varnishing room.

Arhitektonska rasvjeta

Arhitectural lighting

Today architectural lighting is a key determinant of the future development of Inea's production . Great efforts have been made in developing new and distinctive lighting fixtures which are classified alongside top European manufacturers of lighting. Also in cooperation with a number of architectural offices and according to their specific requirements or guidelines, Inea improves it's lighting design in terms of appearance, performance and efficiency on a daily basis.

LED rasvjeta

LED lighting

LED lighting today is present practically everywhere and in many forms, including by our own production. Almost all luminaries developed through the history of Inea and absolutely all new developed luminaries are available in LED version. In addition to LED lighting, we also offer our calculation of savings in new investments or replacement lighting. In this way, we help the client a decision, with almost absolute certainty, when and, how much it's worth to go into new investments.

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